A new investment cycle for mining projects

Simple, no bureaucracy and available to all investors.

9 reasons to invest through Handbag

Multiple commodities

Companies focused on mineral commodities: metals, non-metals, and precious metals


Companies focused in sustainable development of local communities, high return on investment and employee improvement, where quality and consistency result from dedicated strategic planning directed towards the prosperity of the mineral property.

Scalable business

Selected projects with scalable features to maximize the return on investment.

Audited business

Companies with a validated business plan and verified geological potential.

Everything online

No bureaucracy, easy to follow up. Solid legal structure compliant with the Brazilian CVM rules and regulations.

Technical support

Continuous management to ensure constant growth. Open accounts; transparency, technology, and accessibility to monthly reports of performance indicators.

Local socioeconomic development

Social inclusion; strengthen and diversify the local economy; innovation in management, environmental control, and social mobilization.


We work with projects registered with the Brazilian Mining Agency and have georeferenced, three-dimensional information of the commodity under assessment.


The 8 Ps of corporate governance are: Property; Principles; Purpose; Positions; Power; Practice; People and Perennity.


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Mining was, is and will be present in all stages of technology development, generating comfort and improvement in all knowledge fields and human activities.

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Mining for everyone!

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Mining for everyone!

We coexist with mining and its products, whether in the construction of our homes, in consumer goods, in maintaining our comfort, supplies for agriculture and the basis for means of transport and communication. There is Mining in everything.

So, Investing in Mining is an impactful way of monetizing assets since the products resulting from the extracted ore will be acquired in the future by an infinity of customers.
Considering that the largest profits in the mining sector are for investments made in projects at the early stage or in the beginning of production, Handbag Mining Investments prioritizes projects with medium- and long-term income opportunities and that have a strong social, environmental, and corporate governance basis and purpose.

On the other hand, Handbag also develops Mining projects. Brazil has a vast territory to be explored with a highly favorable geology context for most commodities in the mineral sector. Owners of projects with high growth potential but without technical and financial support seek Handbag to access qualified technicians and strategic support for listing the project on the Platform.

This means that Handbag breaks the paradigm that investment in Mining is something for large investors and/or Stock Market specialists. Handbag Mining Investments makes investing in the mineral market accessible to everyone.

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